1 – Concept definition


Concept definition of a generic automation system for factory logistics making use of advanced AGVs.

Today’s AGV system technology is still at an early stage of development, and major effort must be taken in order to assure a high degree of autonomy to the system, which is required to achieve flexibility and production efficiency in conjunction with high safety. In fact, today the AGV system deployment in the factory requires a lot of effort by skilled staff. The aim of PAN-Robots is a user need analysis to clarify what is precisely the current state of the art in factory automation, and what is needed to enhance it. This makes it possible to define the system requirements and proceed to components and system specifications ending in a system architecture description. Close cooperation with end users will be established by a User Forum. Thus, it is ensured to focus on a generic AGV system to be used in all relevant kind of factories. The first technical objective lays the basis for the following development work to be further discussed in the technical objectives below.

Technical objective 1 realized in: WP3, WP4.

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