Semi-autonomous plant exploration and Automated route map creation


The semi-autonomous plant exploration system will enable a significant reduction of costs and installation time.

Two alternative 3D mapping units were developed, that provide highly accurate 3D point clouds.

The 3D point clouds are the basis for the extraction of infrastructure elements representing the warehouse, like free space, markings on the ground, racks, poles, conveyors, etc.

Subsequently, an automated algorithm is executed for defining a route map, in order to optimize the overall performance of the system, taking into account the strategy that will be used for coordination.

Based on the size of the PAN-Robots AGVs used in the plant, and based on the accuracy of the localization system, a set of roads is defined, such that the AGVs are always able to reach their desired destination, while being sufficiently far away from the infrastructure  elements, and from each other.

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