2 – Intuitive HMI development


Development of an intuitive HMI for the control center to manage the fleet of advanced AGVs.

Nowadays, the control center schedules and dispatches the missions of the AGVs in order to optimize each mission’s time and energy consumption, while vehicle deadlocks must be avoided. The creation of the rules for the mission dispatcher and the traffic manager is very complex and requires lots of manual adjustments of the management policy, individual for each factory. Thus, the entire system is quite rigid, and any small modification in the factory needs a manual redesign of both the predefined paths and the traffic management policies, which limits the flexibility.

The aim of PAN-Robots is that non-experts will be able to implement, control and supervise a fleet of advanced AGVs. Furthermore, automatic update strategies of traffic management rules will be designed.

Technical objective 2 realized in: WP6, Task 6.5

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