4 – Flexible and autonomous global on-board path planning


Development of flexible and autonomous global on-board path planning and local navigation to e.g. pass obstacles without manual intervention.

Current AGVs move along predefined paths in a factory. During the initial AGV-system deployment, a network of possible paths is defined, split into segments for an AGV on its way from loading to unloading locations. Moreover, today’s AGVs cannot divert from the predefined path, if an obstacle is detected by the safety laser scanner, the robot stops and keeps the position until the obstacle is manually removed.

The aim of PAN-Robots is an autonomous planning of the global path to fulfill the mission. In addition the navigation should autonomously adapt to the local environment.

Technical objective 4 realized in: WP5 and WP6, Task 5.4, 6.2 and 6.3

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