8 – Black spot monitoring


Development of an infrastructure- and vehicle-based cooperative system for black spot monitoring.

The limits of current on-board sensors resuls in a poor autonomy of the AGVs. Today, the bottlenecks of AGV sensing are caused by the lacking reliability and coverage of relevant objects. Consequently, current AGVs are forced to slow down or even stop in order to maintain safety, for instance:

  • at critical intersections, since the on-board sensor system is not able to detect humans, AGVs or manual forklifts around the corner,
  • if a static structure can be confused with a human or
  • if an obstacle is detected nearby.

The aim of PAN-Robots is a cooperative system that monitors all objects in particular in black spot areas like critical intersections or corners. The system is based on a cooperative sensor data fusion of on-board laser scanner and omnidirectional stereo camera data combined with object data from the infrastructure sensors. The infrastructure data is transferred to the AGV by the control center via wireless communication.

The novel cooperative system will significantly extend the field of view and the reliability of observations. Thus, the need for speed limitations will be reduced while maximum safety will be ensured.

Technical objective 8 realized in: WP5 and 6, Task 5.6, 6.1

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